Jewelry delivered to your door every month

Own your style with simplicity! Join Lux or Luv club to receive jewelry & accessories with the best value at your door!

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! 

The best value subscription box that you will find!

* For $25/month, you will receive 5+ jewelry and accessories with retail value for $65+. This box includes some handmade, pearl, jade, natural stone, leather and other value pieces by LUX OR LUV.

* LUXORLUV subscription box ships worldwide & with Free shipping in the U.S

* Lux or Luv subscription VIPs save between 30% and 70% on exclusive sales when shopping in the boutique store.

*For Boutique shoppers, if you spend 50 dollars (after the discount), we would offer one Lux or Luv box for you to try for free.

*Orders placed prior/on the last day of each month will be shipped on 4th of the following month. The first subscription is to be shipped within 3 business days.


What is the Lux or Luv box?

Best value subscription box for the stylish & quality jewelry & accessories!

Simplicity for your busy Life, we get it! You want pieces that make you feel your best without devoting your busy life to find them. That's why we created Lux or Luv box. We believe the precious time should be cherished with your family and friends. Just allow us to find the pieces that help you stand out!

 LUXORLUV Unboxing Video

Easy to order

Shop with simplicity is what we can promise! After subscribing, sit back, and let us find you the most charming jewelry pieces that make you stand out! Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime.

Delivers to you

On the 4th of every month, your order is on the way to you! Orders placed before/on the last day of the month will ship on the 4th of the following month. we ship worldwide from United States. 

Fits the budget

Being stylish without breaking the bank! Jewelry and accessories are just smaller charming pieces to make you feel good and happy. We keep you balanced between the budget & spending.

Be a happier you

Every morning, the moment you put on the jewelry. We hope this small piece could help trigger the feelings of happiness. Take this happiness index and get your own assessment of your happiness.

How It Works?

Set your preferences by click couple buttons

We fulfill your box with the best value pieces

Enjoy your box when it arrives at your door